Merry Moodle 3.2 New Year! 3.2 EdTech Teacher Use Cases

Merry Moodle 3.2 Holidays! 3.2 EdTech Teacher Use Cases

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Consider a User Case as a set of interactions between a user, with a defined role, and a system used to complete a goal. It can be simple or elaborate, and allow people to gain understanding on the factors at play. They also shed light on the storyteller’s frame of mind and knowledgeability, but also their biases and agenda. It seems only sensible to think about the possibilities user cases can bring to educational technology.

Thanks to a recent blog post by Mary Cooch, Moodle HQ Community Educator, we have some inspiring set-ups for Moodle 3.2 user cases for teachers. They can illustrate, she hopes, the latest LMS “little fixes that make a big difference to teachers’ lives”.

#1.In panic,” or for justifiable reason, students forget to choose a group in the Moodle Choice activity. The teacher can use this opportunity to present a special challenge to them.

#2. An unexpected and unmissable event, like “an audition for ‘Stars in their X-Factor Talent’” challenges your careful course planning. Fear not! As a token of support, the teacher overrides assignment deadlines.

#3. A teacher wants to save a conversation that took place on the Moodle Forum activity in courses past, as a resource for the current one. The teacher locks the conversation.

#3.2. A teacher develops a “complex Lesson activity” that will make the job of creating new lessons easier. The teacher duplicates it with one click each time.

Every case has four basic ingredients: a “Problem”, an “Asset” (in this case the new LMS feature), a “Strategy” or plan of use, and a “Resolution”. A robust use of Moodle 3.2, and ongoing improvement of the system for the future, depend on the practicality and detail of the edtech use case, for teachers, admins and students alike.

It seems these use cases will play an important role in the upcoming Learn Moodle MOOC, led by Cooch and starting January 2nd. (Registration is now open.)

Read Cooch’s blog post here.


Would you like to follow-up on further “Moodler cases”? Show us your support in the comments!


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