Moodle 3.4 Lets Teachers Override Student Activity Completion

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One of the top selling points of Moodle and similarly featured LMS is that they automatically turn work by students into completed activities, grades, and an eventual pass/fail statement. This functionality remains a top feature to this day. However, the system is not yet able to fully grasp some exceptional cases where an activity can be declared complete without the system to acknowledge it, or the opposite case. This often resulted in surreal cases where the system’s statements ended up weighing more than the teacher’s.

Moodle 3.4 has fixed this for good by enabling “Completion override” by teachers on behalf of the students. A new “Activity Completion Report” page, available from where all the other Moodle Reports are, shows a “check mark” grid with a row for each student and a column for each activity. The status of each check mark can be toggled with a click. A pop-up menu will appear for confirmation and then to update the information. The border of check marks updated manually will appear in red, both on the teacher’s page and for students in their course dashboard. For a large number of students or activities, the page offers an alphabetical index at the bottom and a search field on top.

Administrative levels still have the ability to modify teachers’ overriding permissions, if necessary.

Read more about the update “A new capability in Moodle 3.4 means educators can mark activities complete for learners!” at

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