3 Features You Might Not Know About Moodle’s Top Performance Management Tool

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Updated in April 18th, 2019

The Gradebook is often regarded as the teacher’s control tower in their LMS course. As it centralizes course and student information, it is almost of mandatory use for teachers that grade student course performance.

Overview of the Moodle Gradebook

In Moodle, the components of this tool are powerful and intricate. Here are three that teachers might find useful and use to increase their productivity:

Grader Report

It shows a complete list of users with a breakdown of their grades, with link to their profile and notification options. It offers several navigation and sorting tools, from search to an alphabetical index, to quickly finding individuals in courses with a large number of students.

Grade History

This tool creates a snapshot in time of the Grader Report, for all or a subset of students, in any time interval.

Individual User Report

Each student enrolled in a course has their own report, which offers details about proficiency levels, feedback, and more. If the teacher has the necessary permissions, this tool can also customize the assessment rules for the individual, which could prove beneficial at the expense of standardization.

These and other pages, as well as visual customization options, can be modified or restricted for teachers by Moodle system administrators.

Check out the Moodle Documentation summary page for Grades and the Gradebook.

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2 Responses

  1. I can not seem to find how the grader report has “notification options for individuals or in bulk”? Would you be able to clarify please? Thanks!!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    From the grader report you can visit the student’s profile page to message them, but there are no bulk messaging options. Apologies, and thank you. The story has been updated.

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