Moodle in Real-Life: one Academic’s pre and post Moodle story

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Gaurav Parashar, a staff member at Inmantec Institution in Delhi, India just shared a great post that outlines his institution’s struggles with providing students information and instruction via hybridized courses using a non-Moodle system and how Inmantec was able to mitigate many of the issues with the adoption of Moodle. It’s a great story of  the various struggles institutions often have prior to adopting a contemporary LMS, including the issues of adoption and future road-map that will continue to improve their course delivery and student-teacher interactions.

An example of the streamlining that Moodle created is the easy way in which discussion forums can be used to create announcements and deliver them to students via  the automated messaging system and email integration (something many Moodlers may take for granted),

I personally faced issues when we wanted to pass information to students.  We either had to tell them in their classes or paste notice on the notice boards… When we asked [students] “have you read the notice board?” they [hadn’t] read it and some students even told us that notice was not their on the notice board.

We tried displaying notices on our website, but volume of the notices were so large that website was not able to handle this.  We also had to ask the website admin to upload the notices, again an issue!!

How many other schools have struggled with something similar?

One point that Guarav doesn’t pull punches on is that while Moodle is a “simple” piece of software, the learning curve could be upwards of 6 to 12 months to learn (if you have no previous exposure to a learning management system).


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