Moodle in Real-life (part 2 – Uses in the Classroom) @west4me

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William Cunningham, who runs an extremely elaborate and developed Moodle with his third grade students, gave me the pleasure of an interview via email.  This “Moodle in Real-life” story will be told in several parts, the 2nd is below.  All posts refer to William’s Moodle install at this link:

William is a third grade certified eMINTS Teacher located in Hallsville, Mo.


Part 2: Uses of Moodle in the Classroom

MoodleMonthly: What level and subjects to you use Moodle for?


I teach students who are in the third grade. These students are age 7-9 years old.

I teach all the major subject areas, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. I also teach my students about technology and emerging trends in education.

MM: What classroom tasks do you use it for? (I see that you assign jobs, seating assignments, etc., any other novel uses?)


I have enhanced my site in some ways to help me stay organized. The jobs, making lunch choice, daily information, and seating assignments are all created outside of Moodle and are automated. I got tired of changing the information daily and sought outside help. I got some help from a student in New Jersey who was doing some freelance work.  He helped me so much and we are friends to this day. He also made a site to track my student’s progress in multiplication and division.

MM:  How much time you spend on it (to get it ready to use, to build the courses, to maintain it weekly/daily basis)?


I am always working on Moodle. I never stop. I subscribe to many RSS feeds to keep me up to date. I also use Google alerts to keep me informed.

My courses are in constant development. I want to keep them as current as possible. I also try to think of ways I can incorporate emerging technology to promote social collaboration.

More coming tomorrow!

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