Moodle Monday: Course Requests by @timdalton

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This week I want to mention a Moodle feature that has been around for ages but people often don’t know about. Creating new courses is one of those jobs for Moodle admins that comes up over and over again- I get loads of emails from teaching staff asking for new courses. There is a way to automate this process and save yourself a bit of time.

The course requests feature is what you are looking for. This setting puts a button at the bottom of the courses list for users to request  a new course. They fill in the details about what it is, what it’s called, etc and as the Moodle admin you just have to approve or reject it. A system of email notifications informs people about the progress of the job.

Setting it up comes in 2 parts that are hidden away in the main Moodle admin menu.

Course Default Settings

You can find this under course- course default settings. The first stage to getting Moodle to automatically create new courses for you is to pick the default settings you want every new course to have. Select the format, number of topics and a few other settings from here. Remember staff can always change this for themselves after creation using the course settings, so a good basic template should cover pretty much everything.

Once you have this in place move on to

Course Request

One option lower down the main admin menu is Course Request. You get to turn the feature on, select a category for the auto created courses to go in to, and who should be emailed when somebody requests a course. Easy.

From there all you do is wait. When a user requests a new course you get an email to tell you, it links you to the approve/reject page and you click the appropriate button. Hopefully a few minutes of your busy day saved.

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