Moodle Monday: Moodle and Twitter

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This week I’ve been looking at some of the options for getting Twitter feeds to display in a Moodle course. I’ve written up two possibilities here- using the RSS feed or a widget.

The Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget

This can be used to display your own twitter feed either in a block on your course or as embedded HTML in a web page or label. It looks a bit like the image above.

  1. Go here to choose and build your widget
  2. Copy the resulting code to your clipboard and go to your Moodle course
  3. To place in a new block turn editing on and from the Blocks menu select HTML block
  4. When this new block appears hit the edit button
  5. Add a title and paste the code from step 1 and 2 into the block

Twitter also produce a few other widgets. You can have a list widget, a profile widget, or a search widget. The process is identical to above, go here to see the other available widgets and grab the code.

RSS Feed

Twitter RSS Feed

The second option here is to use the RSS feeds built into Twitter. This is could be a nice option because it doesn’t require Flash (like the previous example), and you can pick an RSS feed from things other than your own tweets). In the example below I’m embedding all tweets mentioning Andy Murray

  1. Go to twitter and find the feed you want to display
  2. On the bottom right of the screen find the RSS icon and copy what it links to
  3. In Moodle, again pick the block menu but this time choose ‘Remote RSS Feed’
  4. Edit this new block- add a title and the feed link (use the validate feed option to check your link)

And that’s it! Nice and simple. It does look like there might be some Moodle plugins around that could achieve more, but this is a straight forward way to place Twitter content into your Moodle setup.

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