Moodle Monday: Using images in your courses by @timdalton

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Ages ago I wrote about adding images into the topics to make your Moodle courses look a little more attractive. This week I wanted to extend the idea a little, looking at how we can use Flickr to do some neat things. For those that don’t know, Flickr is an online photo sharing site. Sign up for an account, share photos/galleries with the world.

I have a personal account on Flickr to share my own things, and the school also has an account for more corporate stuff. I want to show a couple of things here, how to embed a photo from your Flickr page is the simple one, and how to add slideshows to your courses the more complicated.

Embedding a photo

This is a nice easy one, all you need is the link to the photo from Flickr. Find the photo on Flickr and press the ‘Share this’ button at the top of it. Go for the ‘grab HTML code’ option, pick the size you want and copy the code it generates.

Then, on your Moodle course create a new label and paste this code in.

Embedding a slideshow

The first option is fine, but it isn’t really any cleverer than just adding an image in the way I described in my previous post. Adding a slideshow is though…

When you are viewing a set of photos on Flickr there is an option top right to view a slideshow of them. This is an example, our snow pictures from last year. I really like the flickr slideshow, controls for how fast it plays, a photo picker at the bottom, and the option to go fullscreen are all great in class. Obviously we could just add this link to Moodle as a resource, but we can use the same embed technique to put it onto the course page.

When you have the slideshow open clicking the share button gives you the embed code you need. Copy that and you end up with a slideshow in your course.

Adding flickr images to a block

You can use the exact same technique to add your content to a block on your course. All we need to do in Flickr is make sure the size of image/slideshow we pick is small enough. In the case of the slideshow use the ‘customise’ link underneath where you copied the code last time and make it smaller. To fit neatly into our blocks I made mine 175px wide. Again, copy the code it makes and head over to your Moodle course.

With editing on add a new HTML block to your course. You do this from the blocks menu, usually on the bottom right of your course. Give the block a name, and paste the embed code into it.

One other flickr slideshow tool

And finally, I have one other flickr tool I occasionally use with Moodle. Flickrslidr will  let you create the same things as I described above, but it has one other neat trick. As well as creating slideshows of particular sets it will create you one based on how photos are tagged. This gives you much more control over what is displayed if working with your own photos, and also quite a neat way of working with the Flickr groups. For example, I wanted a gallery of photos from our local area that featured snow. So, I created a slideshow from the Hampshire flickr group that only displays photos with the snow tag.

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