Moodlepreneur Monday: Data-Upgrade Your Learning Organization Game Plan Using Moodle

Moodlepreneur Monday: Data-Upgrade Your Learning Organization Game Plan Using Moodle

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Data is today’s gold, but it’s yours only to borrow and return with value to students, users, and customers. Or at least that would be a very European way to think of it.

The European Commission’s GDPR rules have made two things clear: That netizens are growing resolute in their demands, and that we can only expect more companies to continue to harness the power of personal information in the form of vast data sets.

So, is Moodle data any good?

Here are three key places in your startup plan or company strategy where the proper use of data can bring innovation:

General strategy. Combining the right information of external (free or paid) sources with your own could help position your organization or product in the long term by identifying trends early and turn them into action. If you think a trend is worth pursuing, Moodle can offer evidence on its effectiveness. (For example, you can review records available in the Moodle Logs.)

Learning intervention (product) development. Finding convincing solutions to the problem of personalization applied to content is one of EdTech’s main open challenges. Instead of shuffling slides or videos according to user preference, data gathered through Moodle, such as the link between media and performance, could determine the types of content and activities themselves. Over time, Moodle data can define more critical aspects.

Finally, and perhaps most evidently, data can inform your marketing and advertising units. Social persuasion networks are an illustration of the advances and power of highly targeted strategies, but their power is limited for the average user. There are ways, however, to continue to leverage marketing data to deliver value to specific demographics.

In conclusion, understanding the value (and fragility) of data at every level of your organizational strategy is necessary to thrive in data-based industries.

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