Moodlepreneur Monday: GDPR, Or When Regulation Compliance Became A Selling Feature

Moodlepreneur Monday: GDPR, Or When Regulation Compliance Became A Selling Feature

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The soon-to-be-enforced General Data Protection Regulation has kept lawyers busy (and a fair deal of them worried). Perhaps marketing and sales teams should be too? While the idea of dealing with legalese and compliance requirements looks best when scoffed at, many are seeing it as a new opportunity to add value to customers. After all, next time a learning organization is looking for a partner to handle personal user data, they will want the process to be as hassle- and risk-free as possible.

Some sales don’ts in the age of GDPR

Perhaps you expect most data-oriented companies operating in or near Europe’s online area of influence to come with legal support when it comes to GDPR compliance. You might be surprised. A few weeks before the enforcement date, a fair number of organizations still struggle with the implications on their own strategies.

This represents a unique opportunity, but also a liability. Make sure you don’t make some of the following likely mistakes.

Do Not:

Neglect GDPR or leave it to the lawyers. Your sales team should at least be able to answer basic questions about how user data will be handled.

Be confident you’ll be able to comply without the due diligence. Make sure the system you’re selling can truthfully respond to requests made by users, clients, and authorities.

Assume you can use user data without consent, even if is it for their benefit.

Use personal data for marketing purposes without consent. Perhaps obvious, but one point that cannot be stressed enough. You can face steep fines for contacting potential customers through phone or email if they have not explicitly consented to it.

Leverage your hard-earned GDPR savvy to drive sales

Once you are confident with your knowledge (and legal support) of GDPR, why not capitalize on it? Not only can you guarantee your Moodle will be fully compliant, you can even make the case in favor of regulations that protect your users interest.

In the age of GDPR, trustworthiness is at a premium. You can either adopt a reluctant, “bare minimum” attitude about regulation, or embrace it and use it as a way to build rapport and brand reputation.

Be transparent. Don’t wait until doubt leads your customers to request a review of your practices. Request just the necessary information, and keep them in the loop regarding uses and purposes.

Respect opt-out requests. Think of it like a “circle of trust”: The customers you keep will be more likely to recommend you. GDPR is still compatible with word of mouth!

Vet your partners early and often. If you offer Moodle-based solutions with third-party integrations (or you are the third party), make sure you can vouch for them and for how they comply to GDPR.

So, marketing and sales team, time to read up! It could be a struggle, but it will be completely worth it in the end.

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