Moodlepreneur Monday: How Do You Generate Leads For Your Courses?

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Even though there are, literally, 100s of books and 1000s of blogs out there that talk about the importance of actively promoting your business, and even though you already know in your heart of hearts that you need to be getting the word out about your courses, it remains a critical reason why Moodlepreneurs fail at having their courses turn into successful cash-generating machines.

Basically, we fall prey to fear (how many people in your life truly love selling?) and the old Field of Dreams where you just “build it and they’ll will come.” It’s not enough to optimize your website and sit back to wait for the learners to roll in. Somebody in your company needs to actively be generating leads by providing a stream of interesting, useful and actionable content. If you’re a solopreneur, that someone is you.

Leads are people who have shown an interest in taking your course. Ideally you should capture their email addresses or encourage them to sign up to your newsletter so you can send them targeted content that is relevant, useful and specific. Nurturing leads in this way makes them even more likely to buy. Removing any doubts they have about you by being a fountain of genuinely useful information is the way to lead them down the sales funnel towards buying your courses.

Blogging is a well-established and effective way of generating leads with content. Post regular updates on your blog or website which are not self-promotional. They should build your profile as a thought leader: someone who is knowledgeable about a niche (the subject matter of your courses) and a go-to person for insights and tips on it. This adds perceived value to your courses – if your blog posts are that good, then your courses must be great! Generate trust and confidence and you will generate leads.

You can generate content for your blog in basically two ways: you can create it, or you can pay for someone else to create it. It’s easy enough to outsource content creation for a very small cash outlay by using microworking sites like Upwork or Fiverr. However, depending on your niche and the type of courses your offering, it might be hard to find someone with as much knowledge as you – and the last thing you want is mediocre content for your blog. If this sounds like you, put aside half an hour a day, or more if possible, to write and post a great piece of content that builds your profile as a thought leader in your niche and therefore someone people would buy a course from.

Of course, blogging is just one way of generating leads. Other channels for delivering powerful content to sell more Moodle courses include email, video and social media. We’ll focus on those in another Moodlepreneur Monday.

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What is your most effective way to generate leads for your courses? Tell us about it in the comments below!

One Response

  1. Hi,

    I second the point made by the author certainly blogs and more articles will help in increase your sites page rank.
    Just adding to it I understand how cumbersome will it be for a business to handle business end of things along with handling the SEO of your site.

    To reduce the pressure I would suggest you to try WordPress as your Marketing front end to showcase your Moodle courses due to SEO friendly setup along with ease to use features certainly helps in long way.

    Rajiv Sathian

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