Moodlepreneur Monday: So You Sold Your Analytics App. Now, Upsell A Game Plan

Moodlepreneur Monday So You Sold Your Analytics App. Now, Upsell A Game Plan

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Modified on June 14.

EdTech giant Blackboard has released a “Learning Analytics Data Strategy Workshop,” a consulting service that will help organizations use the analytics services they’ve already procured. A two-page brochure describes the workshop as a “guidance to inform future investment” that “will accelerate analytics adoption” and “optimize teaching and learning environments.” It focuses on 25 key areas across five categories, from “Institutional Planning” to “Student Success.” Entrepreneurs looking ahead to solve customer problems related to “solution subutilization” might take some lessons and consider strategic consulting as an upselling opportunity.

Blackboard’s Timothy Harfield, in introducing the workshop, states that analytics are “only a tool (…) as effective as the institutions that wield them.” Describing the process that takes places throughout the training, it seeks to help organizations gain something back from technological investments that led to an abundance of LMS data that might not yet have led to unique learning insights.

The evolution of analytics in practice has led to cases where faculty and administrators have actually informed their practice through analytics. Which makes evident the diffusion and scalability challenges these technologies still face. The consequences of a general trend in technological procurement that predates a strategic use of the analytics it might provide seems ripe for a breaking point. Blackboard’s workshop seems to forestall upcoming pressures on analytics tools to deliver on the value they initially promised.

Read “Analytics is not a Rotisserie Oven: Blackboard’s Learning Analytics Data Strategy Workshop” at, which includes the link to Blackboard’s “game plan” (PDF brochure).■

Modifications made on June 14. Blackboard wishes to clarify that “the workshop is not an upsell to an analytics product. It’s something that we offer even if no analytics product investment has been made.”

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