Moodlepreneur Mondays: To Become A Better Moodle Developer, Be A Moodle Teacher

Moodlepreneur Mondays: To Become A Better Moodle Developer, Be A Moodle Teacher

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At some point in the development of any new Moodle site, plugin, or theme, it pays to start testing an early version with real users. Most likely, we are talking about students. Even though you don’t have to be a teacher to understand it, a familiarity with how teaching happens and how the mind of the learner works goes a long way. Just ask Barbara Ramiro, Senior Web Designer in User Experience at Moodle HQ.

In an interview for she reveals how she spent a decade of her life teaching college students. It served as a springboard for a deeper involvement in e-learning.

But for her, when it came to reaching a broader number of learners, being a teacher was a decade-long step. She would join her college e-learning instructional design team to, in her words, “be involved at the core,” by which she meant being able not just to have a say in the way content is made, but how it is delivered. Fortunately, she found just the tool that would give them the most freedom to try things out, as well as track results to keep herself in check: Moodle and the Moodle Mobile apps.

«Working on the Moodle Mobile App is always fun and interesting. I like the challenge of having to compromise between screen size and feature set.»

With over six years of her career spent at Moodle HQ, she’s a key witness in the evolution of learning interfaces, of the LMS she’s been with, and of the diverse world that surrounds it. In particular, she sees the Moodle Users Association Project Development Cycle as an exciting process with the potential to make Moodle stand out in the field and a development assignment of which she’s proud to be part.

Internally, she’s happy to report that the recently adopted, user-centric approach that will guide the upcoming major releases of Moodle (including Moodle 3.5 coming up in May) has benefited the team in the way they “validate (…) ideas and prototypes.”

She ends by encouraging learners and educators to get excited about the future of Moodle, including Moodle Mobile and Moodle Desktop, expected to dazzle the world just days after Moodle 3.5 is out.

«We worked on making it more engaging and aesthetically more appealing. The navigation throughout the content has also been completely rethought

Read Ramiro’s interview at moodle com.

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