@Moodlerooms Offers a Crowdfunding platform for Code Review

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Moodlerooms recently launched their own fundraising site which is a crowdfunding platform created by Launcht:

The site is a place where the community can come and support projects for both development and code review.

mroomsIt’s a partial win for clients of Moodlerooms who want some of the latest and greatest Moodle features available only through addons and mods but don’t want to shell out the full price quoted for a required code review. Moodlerooms enforces strict code development guidelines and all 3rd party code on their enterprise system (joule) must be thoroughly checked before being available on their hosted client sites.

There are some quality projects available, but the price points are very high (over $5000 to over $30,000) and benefits to the community at large (non-Moodlerooms clients) for the code review projects are minimal. For current clients it may be a way to defer some of the costs or to collaborate in order to share costs more effectively for the code review process. As an added negative, participating in the original funding of any code review on the Moodlerooms site puts you on the hook for subsequent annual maintenance fees for that code to ensure that it continues to work well through any upgrade process.

There are currently 6 code reviews listed: Scheduler, Dialogue, Grid Format, Custom SQL (this is not a code review), Hotpot, and Game.

As of 6/28/13 no projects have posted any progress in funding/backers.

For more on community funding efforts by Moodlers check out my recent post about and my own efforts to bring projects to fruition.


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