MoodleRooms Will Launch X-Ray Analytics On January 11th

moodlerooms xray analytics launch

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Analytics, or the use of the data captured by Moodle (and associated services) to better understand learner outcomes, continued to heat up as a focus last year. This makes sense: as we become ever more connected to our learning environment we leave breadcrumbs related to our activity, indicators about our progress and signs that can alert others when we might need extra help. In my book, the better we understand the learner/student experience, the better chance we have to help them succeed – however that may eventually play out.

Last July, Blackboard announced the acquisition of X-Ray Analytics. As we reported then, X-Ray’s technology:

aggregates student performance data and provides feedback to users/staff in order to optimize student outcomes and proactively identify at risk students.

At the time, it was unclear how Blackboard would integrate X-Ray into Moodlerooms. However, on January 11th, at 11am ET, Moodlerooms will be hosting a live global launch of the service. As related in the release announcement, Moodlerooms will be demonstrating how X-Ray Learning Analytics will enhance the LMS experience by:

  • Helping to evaluate course materials
  • Driving the identification of at-risk learners
  • Monitoring drivers of performance for all courses
  • Improve course material management, and
  • Contribute to higher satisfaction by learners

You can register for the global launch here.

Have you used X-Ray Analytics before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

2 Responses

  1. Great picture!!! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon online. If you happen to be in the greater Washington area, please come in person. Email me at [email protected].

  2. Can anyone tell me the difference between X-Ray analytics and’s Analytics and Reporting tool? Similarities but huge differences as the predictive parts are already partly integrated into both. Thoughts?

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