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I had a chance to talk to Justin Hunt on Friday about his Developer Courses offered through HRDNZ and learned a bit more about the two upcoming courses at Moodlebites: for Developers.

The idea for a developer focused course came about during last year’s iMoot during conversations with Stuart Mealor of HRDNZ. There are not a lot of developer training programs available for Moodlers online (the developer training course at is out of date) and Justin, being a well known independent Moodle plugin developer, is a great person to facilitate a course.

As a long time developer and creator of Poodll, a set of popular plugins for Moodle, Mr. Hunt knows first hand that working with Moodle requires a depth of knowledge which can make it a daunting task for new developers. Even an introductory course could require a significant investment of time and effort by students.

The course objective was to provide web developers who were already familiar with PHP but new to Moodle a foundation for getting started developing plugins for Moodle. The first course ran October to December in 2015 with 14 students. While many of the first students were not already developers, some did review Moodle bugs and work with templates to learn more about coding Moodle. Of the first 14 students, many were actually teachers interested in making a specific change to Moodle to improve their use of it. This led to Justin’s next course, MoodleBites Introduction to Development, which will launch this coming April.

MoodleBites Introduction to Development is an entry-level course that will provide detailed instruction to those interested in Moodle development but do not have backgrounds in development or experience with PHP. Justin is focusing this course on the everyday user that wants to customize their site and potentially make a plugin based on available templates. Students will be introduced to ways to totally update their site look and feel using CSS as well.

Both courses, Moodlebites for Developers and Moodlebites Introduction to Development, are eight weeks long, online, asynchronous and start each April 1 and October 1. Courses are currently $799 and $499 USD, respectively.

Justin’s goal for the programs is to “teach people how to teach themselves about Moodle development” by providing them a solid foundation on the key concepts of developing for Moodle.

Note: HRDNZ/Moodlebites has no affiliation with MoodleNews. However, MoodleNews did contract and build Youtube Anywhere for Moodle through community funding with Justin as our developer.

Are you interested in customizing your Moodle? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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