Mr Moodle Answers: can I track mobile access? @moodleman and @aliozgur

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Ali Özgür and Julian Ridden help answer this question from a MoodleMonthly reader:

I’m wondering if it’s possible to track which of my students access my Moodle site from a computer and which of them access it from their cell phone via the mobile interface?  Any ideas?
Here’s a quick answer from Julian Ridden concerning the Moodle4iPhone web app (and most likely MLE as well):

Short answer is no. At least not in Moodle. Because you are accessing a standard Moodle site, it doesn’t know the difference. You could however check the apache logs or use a tool like google analytics to find out.

Adding Google Analytics is good form on all sites, so talk to your Admin or Server Admin to see if you can get Analytics set up on the site (easy to do and in 24 hours you’ll be collecting a great deal of information about your site traffic).  Here’s a really informative discussion about adding the tracking code to an existing site:

Ali Özgür submitted this response in regards to the native iPhone app (available soon):

MoodleTouch sends all of the requests with User-Agent header set to “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; en-us) MoodleTouch”. So on the server side Moodle admins can inspect logs and calculate MoodleTouch statistics. On the other hand if they want to know which students use MoodleTouch this requires a little bit of work on our side but more work on the institutions site. In this case they will have to provide a service for us (another option is we can develop a custom SOAP service for them) so that we can write who uses MoodleTouch. Yet another possibility is to enhance Moodle so that Moodle collects login statistics so that MoodleTouch can post UserAgent data directly to Moodle.

Thanks to both Ali and Julian for submitting our first ever “Mr. Moodle Answers”.

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