On the 10th day of #Moodlemas the community shared with me…

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Connected 2023
Connected Conference OpenLMS

Courses for sharing!

9 Tutorials for watching

8 Site for Storytell-ing

7 mobile Moodl-ing

6 Course-for-matting

5 a course about Jiiing

4 pretty themes

3 [awesome] plugins

2 Cheery images

and A freebie Christmas themed Glossary!

If it’s one thing Moodle has done well is creating a community driven repository of courses that you can easily download and put to use on your own site.  There are 1000s of courses across the web from various sources (and more spring up every day).  While they are not necessarily all centrally located the MOOCH has set a nice foundation for the slow accumulation and centralization of shared resources and courses.  As more users switch to 2.x more and more courses will surely be published.  If you’re looking for free courses to checkout/download/adapt, you might find something worthwhile in the links below.

  1. 1000+ courses on various site collected by Moodlenews
  2. OpenLearn
  3. MOOCH
  4. Moodleshare
  5. Open High School
  6. Open of Course
  7. and many more.  Just check out our tags for “Free courses” and “OER

And stay-tuned for two more days of #Moodlemas.

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