RTR Digital Offers Free Moodle 3.0 Training For All-Around Moodlers

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8 self-paced crash courses by RTR are available at any time from the Moodle site. Split into two groups, “Navigating the Interface” and “Managing Users”, they should give you a solid basis to create and administer a Moodle setup.

You could be able to complete each course in a matter of minutes. If you are really into it, it should take you half a day to be done with them all.

To access the offering, you need to create a user account, which is free. “Navigating the Interface” should come first, if you are completely new to Moodle. This group includes:

  • Getting Familiar with the Login Page
  • Getting Familiar with the Front Page
  • Getting Familiar with the Dashboard Page
  • Customizing the Dashboard page

The “Managing Users” group is intended to give you practical skills. It is highly recommended that you practice on your own Moodle, perhaps by getting a free Moodle Cloud site? Courses in “Managing Users” are:

  • Creating a New User
  • Adding Multiple Users
  • Viewing & Deleting Users
  • Editing Users
  • Understanding User Authentications

As to why this up-and-comer, Dallas-based tech company is betting on free learning content, and focused on Moodle at that, they explain:

«As a learning and development company we are obligated to help educate our own community as well as others. This is the reason a portion of RTR Digital’s content will be made available on this website, for no charge, as well as our other social media sites. This is a part of our ongoing community education initiative that strives to bring important community education to the public for free.»

Founded in 2014, RTR Learning offers course development services, consultancy and advocacy on digital education and technologies.

Access RTR’s Moodle site to access the offering here. (Requires login).


What do you think about RTR free offering strategy? Kickstart the conversation below!


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