Sandy Hirtz: “the Good, the Bad and The Ugly” of Moodle course layouts

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A Google alert turned me onto this glowing review [] of a presentation by Sandy Hirtz (@Edu_Digi_World).

The presentation is titled Moodle Do’s and Don’ts: “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” and focuses on Moodle course layouts. I’m glad I took the time to watch and learn from the presentation recording and slideshow.  A link to the presentation is also available from the social networking site

View the presentation (Elluminate):

The presentation showcases some best practices in Moodle course design and layout, stressing

  • limited text,
  • consistent design,
  • easy to navigate,
  • contextualization of directions and information,
  • use summaries and concise descriptions, and
  • the addition of images to the layout

In the “Good” section of the presentation Sandy highlights courses that exemplify those characteristics to a ‘t’¹.  A full list of Sandy’s “Do’s and Don’ts” are available at (please note that you must register to access Ning social networks, but if you’re a Moodler then this is a great social network to join).

Below is a screenshot of the presentation and an example of “Good” course layout:

¹Note that at least one of the “Good” examples shown is from OLI at Carnegie Mellon, which is not Moodle-based.

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  1. Thanks Sandy…it was an informative and helpful session for all those that wish to know more about course management systems like Moodle…

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