Sell More Courses With Buy Now Buttons

Sell More Courses With Buy Now Buttons

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How do interested clients find out, get interested, and act whein they want to buy your Moodle courses?

One way is browsing your course catalog, selecting courses, adding to cart, checking out. Most people are familiar with this flow and are comfortable with it. But to do so, they first need find your site. Is there a way to attract users from elsewhere on the web?

While working on your SEO is always a good idea, it does nothing to make it easier for customer who already know you. But you can accomplish this with Buy Now buttons. Buy Now buttons are code snippets that you can paste anywhere on the web: your sites, blog, even in Moodle. With Buy Now buttons you drive your captive set of users straight to checkout.

Buy Now buttons allow you to set up promotional campaigns by incorporating coupon codes. You can include the coupon in the snippet, so the user goes to checkout with a discount already applied. This is a great tactic for driving sales by rewarding users to Act Now.

Paste Buy Now buttons onto web pages, blog posts, even tweets! This way you broaden your marketing reach by attracting prospective buyers in more places. It also makes it quicker and easier for them to buy.

To make the most of Buy Buttons, here are some useful tips:

Surround your Buy Now button with engaging descriptions. End with a call to action. A bare button with ‘Great course. Buy Now!’ without further information is a missed opportunity. Take advantage of the Buy Now button to create a sense of urgency.

Buy Now buttons take the user straight to checkout, creating a “fast lane” for your sales. But make sure the user knows what he is checking out.  You might choose instead to set the button to the course description page, from where they can add to cart. This is a better option if you are placing the button in something as brief as a tweet. Or wherever there is limited space to lay out the benefits of taking your Moodle course. Users can then browse the course description and add it to the shopping cart in the usual manner. This has the added benefit of creating an inbound link to your site, which over time will strengthen the site’s SEO and push it further up the search results.

Include Buy Now buttons in your newsletters, social media posts and any marketing channels you choose. Buy Now buttons are the ultimate call to action and can boost sales by providing a direct line to your courses.

Course Merchant

This Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: Course Merchant, the Moodle shopping cart for selling courses. Click here to learn more.

How do you get your customers to push “buy” for your Moodle offering? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. This is a nice article and it indeed highlights the need of CTA buttons to sell Moodle courses.
    But if you want more seamless way of selling Moodle courses then you should sell them through WordPress/WooCommerce using Edwiser Bridge and its extensions (

    WooCommerce gives you complete eCommerce functionality to sell your Moodle courses online.

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