Speaking Of Gamified, Fully Immersive Online Learning Experiences, What Is The Minecraft Uncensored Library?

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For those who are currently feeding their wild inspiration, and for whom these times feel like the beginning of something more…

In March 12, the Minecraft design study —actually a thing for a while now— Blockworks launched its most ambitious project yet: The Uncensored Library. Built in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF), It aims to provide access to censored content for the share of over a hundred million players Minecraft averages living in countries with restrictions of information. As of now, books from 5 authors and journalists whose countries block access to their work, are now available in the Library.

To access the Library, players should install Minecraft and access it either offline by downloading the library on their site, or joining the live server to interact with other players through the game.

Arguably, it is only a matter of time before governments wise up and find ways to censor in-game content, if not ban the game altogether. RSF admits that the project is, ultimately, a “loophole.” Still, the Minecraft Uncensored Library is at least valuable as a proof of concept. It illustrates possibilities in “message embedding” into platforms, in this case for humanitarian purposes. And it highlights the potential of “open world” games for social experimentation, in a context of increasingly pervasive digital interaction.

Founded just 2 years after Minecraft was first launched, Blockworks has pioneered in-game design for commercial, entertainment and educational purposes. Microsoft (owner of Minecraft creator studio Mojang) is itself a client, as are Museums and influencers. Their projects involve digital design, architecture, architecture and video production.


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