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Part seven of our Special Summer Series on free hosting services (two more days left!).

Today I’m going to cover (I hope without bias), where I cut my teeth on Moodle in 2007.  GlobalClassroom provides hosting and hosting services to Moodlers and teachers looking for online classroom solutions.  It’s been through several iterations (1.0, beta, 2.0, and now “Cirrus”) which all provide a unique twist on Moodle hosting in that,

  1. teachers can create and delete their own courses
  2. all users enter the system to their personal “portfolio” page.  Similar to myMoodle
  3. 1-code base with a layer of individual, brand-able, separate networks provide differentiation between schools
  4. telephone and email support.

While at GlobalClassroom I worked to provide Moodle throughout Pennsylvania, California and Vermont (while living in each state from 2007-2010) where I participated in local tech-conferences like CUE [] and Vermont Fest [].  Over that time we started hosting lots of school districts and even Pittsburgh Public Schools []; and as I grew more and more comfortable with Moodle I provided phone and email support to users with questions, school-based training sessions and self-paced tutorials to learn about and see Moodle in action.

GlobalClassroom was a great experience and I left in February 2010.  It still offers basic free hosting of Moodle (though you won’t find it in name on the site), registration is available at this link:

You’ll also find my original Moodle blog (focused on the GlobalClassroom flavor),

Description: network based Moodle community
Ads?: no
3rd party plug-ins: no
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: phone, email, tutorials and self-serve
Business plan: Freemium
Limits: no, students must self-register unless an eSchool is created (then they may be uploaded in bulk)
Basic Plan: teachers may created unlimited courses

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