Students report improved grades via Technology/LMS use

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Jeff Hargarten of the MNDaily reports that “Of more than 6,000 students polled across 36 campuses, 77 percent said their grades improved through web-based course material and online classroom managing sites like Moodle” according to a recent annual National Lone Star Report.  These are students self-reporting their own thoughts on education.

Is it a great argument for adopting technology?  Perhaps.  I think it’s partly due to students letting us know that their ideal learning environment (the ones that let them learn and explore without friction) just happen to be those that are cleanly integrated with technology and online resources like Learning Management Systems and research tools.  You’ll be hard pressed to find students who didn’t grow up with a computer at home, removing that from the educational equation is like forcing a fish to breathe out of water.

According to the article,

The survey showed that the positive results were strongly tied to proper use of the technology.

Overall, students in the report said three major issues affected their academic success: lack of progress updates, lack of technology availability and lack of instructors who know how to use the technology…

Another concern raised was the lack of consistency across courses and formats in which information was provided to students via a LMS.  Course standards and ease of use can go along way in reducing the learning curve from class to class.

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