Summaries, Annotations, Cast And Expeditions Among New Google For Education Features

Summaries, Annotations, Cast And Expeditions Among New Google For Education Features

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Google presented new features for their education product line that place a stake on a “wall-less classroom”. Or a “classroom-less learning”. Or in their words “learning for students, regardless of place or time“.

Classroom Summaries are a Google Classroom feature that provides scheduled emails about student work. According to a pilot test mother, it gives a breakdown on work performed and upcoming deadlines. Information on setting up and using summaries is available here.

Annotations are a way to draw on top of documents hosted on Google Apps for Education. Naturally it includes networking so groups of kids can doodle on a same page at once.

Expeditions is a virtual reality app that does not preclude a classroom, but it does not need going outside from one either. In this app the teacher works as a tour guide for a bunch of students testing the limits of their necks through a VR set. Or full-screen on iPads. The app includes several educational experiences, from the White House to the human body to Bhutan.

Cast for Education prevents students from looking outside their screens to pay attention to class. A teacher can share audio or video to their devices. If you are a teacher and you do this, make sure they all use headphones to avoid a little house of commons. It only takes an extension on the Google Chrome browser of each student to work.

Forms received new updates, allowing for images and video along response types. Many teachers already develop quizzes and other assignments through the service. It shares a resemblance to Moodle Quiz. See the full list of new Forms features here.

Inbox by Gmail is a rethinking of email that meshes messages, appointments and reminders. It is now available for institutions with Google Apps for Education.

To join Google Classroom for free and access this and other features, log in with an .edu account.

Read the full post at Google for Education.



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