ThingLink, Interactivity LTI-Ready To Try On Your LMS — Exclusive Interview With Zach Tussing, Chief Revenue Officer

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Zach Tussing, Chief Revenue Officer of ThingLink, talks to us about the company, what it’s like to innovate in interactive, immersive tech, and what their plans are for the future. 

ThingLink provides interactive shows and displays, for now popular in the marketing and Learning and Development verticals.

The product is a cloud-based solution that features activities such as hotspots over images, choose-your-own adventure quests or 360° tours, provided via web on HTML5 technology. It seeks to disrupt the galaxy of easy and accessible interactive content tools, among which you have H5P and Google’s own Web Designer, along with some coding-required frameworks including Processing.js and A-Frame. 

According to Zach, ThingLink has been used over 350 million times by publishers, teachers, and students to create graphical support materials for classes or presentations, such as infographics, maps, projects, brochures and other resources that help deliver interactive experiences, in the hopes to achieve heightened educational outcomes.

The focus of ThingLink is to understand that not everyone is a coder and the tools that this platform has allows teachers to create learning experiences that are simple, engaging and powerful to students. 

As Zach tells us, for ThingLink images are more than 100 words. Interactive images that facilitate learning, whether in an educational or business environment may teach more than 100 lessons. ThingLink allows the teacher to take an image or slide from PowerPoint or Google Slides, and then link it to a 360° environment or 3D object. This allows teachers to develop groundbreaking content and easily add them to their classes. Zach is fond of the DNA sequencing example, and the 3D, 360° DNA model professors can use to make their lessons more engaging.

ThingLink focuses on three core areas:

  1. The platform: ThingLink is a hosted platform, so the user does not need an infrastructure to host a project or creation.
  2. The media: This company focuses on how their products and services can be functional and available with current technologies. The technology’s ability to capture the images that are handled in ThingLink allows the creation of immersive and realistic scenarios.
  3. The ease of use: If a user can create slides, they can create a ThingLink. Creating a ThingLink should be a matter of 10 minutes, no need for special skills.

While it is possible to integrate ThingLink with anything that supports an iframe,the company believes in interoperability standards, so they have been betting on LTI, with implementations ready for Canvas and Moodle™. Zach mentions that ThingLink is clear on where the learning environments are,  and how his product is an enhancement rather than a replacement for an LMS.

A few weeks ago, ThingLink launched its new Scenario Builder, a tool for developing branching logic within a learning experience. This tool stands out because it helps merge the physical and digital worlds. Choose your own learning adventure, interact with different situations, ask questions, answer them and provide a different learning experience. 

ThingLink is available to try for free to anybody.If you have scenarios that you think are really interesting, ThingLink is happy to bring together its learning and design team to help you develop your idea.

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