Today Starts The First Week Of The Learn Moodle 3.3 MOOC

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Connected Conference OpenLMS

Minds of education professionals all over the world are meeting in the official Learn Moodle MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) to get a firm grip on what the tool has to offer in productivity, performance tracking and relationship building.

Over the following four weeks, participants will get a tour around the Open Source LMS online facilities, to consider the ones worth trying with their personal, professional and entrepreneurial classrooms. Topics per week include:

  • Course set up, Discovering blocks, Adding documents
  • Adding rich and multimedia resources, Student engagement and collaboration
  • Assessments, Grading, the Gradebook, Enrolling learners
  • Advanced features, Saving, exporting and importing Courses

The makeup of the present session, counting over four thousand sign-ups already, offers a diversity of backgrounds and places. A quick sample reveals a small glimpse of the people joining the MOOC:

  • Marsha, Kentuckian teaching in Malaysia for 11 years now.
  • Ivanka from Croatia, she teaches technical culture and informatics.
  • Manoj, pathologist from Delhi, India.
  • Dominic, multimedia developer for the branch of a German automotive company in Potomac.
  • Rob, a Dutchman servicing universities in Somalia.

(Sign up and log in to say hi.)

The Course features all the goods from Moodle 3.3, including the new Course Overview, Font Awesome icons and quick sign-up through Google, Microsoft and Facebook profiles. As usual, it will ask for your permission to use anonymized data of your behavior for research.

The course is free, donations welcome (or help by getting Moodle swag). Join the MOOC at The Course is fully functional on mobile devices and through the “Learn Moodle” Mobile App.

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