Totara Version 2.7 released

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Last month the updated version of Totara LMS, a business-focused version of Moodle was released. The release brings new features through a growing partner network such as new customization features for the UI, dashboards, appraisals, better reporting data and rollups, and much more. The full release is available here:

3rd March 2015
We are pleased to announce the supported enterprise release of Totara LMS version 2.7. As with all Totara releases, there’s a lot of collaboration with customers and partners to offer better value and flexibility for corporate LMS users.

Here’s some of the highlights of what’s new in our latest release.

Always the chameleon, now the shape-shifter!
In version 2.6 we brought out fully configurable Learner Catalogs. Continuing that theme on v2.7 we’ve now got built-in adaptability for the interface via the interface! It is now possible to customise the main menu directly – no coding required. You can add, order or remove items to suit your learning portal. The visibility of all menu items is controlled by you. You can even configure the system to show different menu options and layout for different audiences or roles in the system.

In v2.7 Administrators can also create audience based Dashboards, and you can create as many dashboard options as you need. Set a dashboard as the homepage and enable users to customise their dashboard to suit their needs.

Enabling adaptability is one of our key objectives, consistent with our open source philosophy. Shape-shift Totara to get the best training experiences possible.

Digging deep with existing features
We’re building more depth and power to core modules in Totara LMS. There are a wide range of enhancements to the Face-to-Face module including; wait-listing, setting minimum session capacity (not just maximums), and support for custom fields, enrolment plugins and options for session self-approvals.

The Appraisals area in the Performance Management module also gets major attention. Appraisals now update automatically, there’s greater efficiency around adding and removing users from appraisals, and settings are more flexible.

Graphic detail
Totara’s custom reporting capability has got more powerful with new filters and aggregation possibilities. It is now possible to aggregate report data via the interface, allowing you to transform and control your reporting data.

You can also add graphs to reports or display them in dashboards. Graphs include column/bar charts, line graphs, horizontal bars, scatter graphs, pie charts and area graphs.

Here’s a video that covers all of the new features in the release [direct video:]

Note: Totara LMS and official Totara Partners such as Paradiso Solutions and Synergy Learning are sponsors of

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