Virtual And Augmented Reality Technologies Were Born For Corporate Learning

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The turbulent evolution of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) started as far back as the 1950s, on sequences of hype and excitement about its possibilities across fields, only to be followed by disillusion and abandonment. This time around, however, there is reason to believe that they will no longer be dismissed as a solution in search for a problem.

Paradiso Solution’s Ajay Kapoor and Sach Chaudhari make the case that the problem is not only clear and present, but all around us: the disheartening effectiveness of corporate training. Despite the continuous path of growth in educational technologies for the workplace, the results just aren’t there. More worrying is the fact that both corporate learning and an ever-younger workplace’s attitudes and expectations continue to evolve, only in their own separate ways.

Cue AR/VR. Their unique ability to provide context-relevant or high-fidelity environments for learning experiences is set to transform how organizations think about corporate training and people’s perceptions in ways that are only now starting to become clear. AR can make upskilling processes speedier, including initial onboarding, as it creates the shortest possible distance between a learning intervention (like a lesson, a video, or a game) and the work-related practice of the skill. Meanwhile, VR’s immersiveness enriches cognitive problem solving with spatial and motion layers, not to mention multimedia and gamification, which together are showing staggering effects in outcomes such as long-term retention and engagement, previously though to be contradictory.

While it is true that previous iterations of the technologies have made similar claims, the current juxtaposition of products and market needs have hardly been so fitting. For the first time, we have a multi-billion-dollar race for the refinement of AR and VR, and at the same time a challenging state of labor engagement with clear consequences in productivity and economic development.

Watch the recording of the webinar on the video on top or check out the slides below featuring market projections and over 10 use case scenarios.

[slideshare id=79521081&doc=webinararvr-170907111405]

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