What Comes First: Cultural Change Or The Digital Learning Platform?

What Comes First: Cultural Change Or The Digital Learning Platform?

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Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine was quick to report the pioneering transition of Compañía Colombiana Automotriz (Colombian Automotive Company) into online learning, dating at least as far back as 2014. Admittedly, this transition was directly in response to a critical financial situation at the company: Their only assembly plant was instructed to shut down by Mazda, moving all manufacturing to Mexico and laying off 500 workers.

But CCA was not finished, at least not in Fabio Sánchez’s eyes. CCA’s president noticed that local car purchases were actually increasing in the country. In fact, there were growing pressures to staff and train sales forces across the main cities. Fast-forward a bit and soon CCA becomes “Mazda Colombia,” with a more customer-focused mission, and the company hires Jairo Giraldo as Training Director. Giraldo soon realized the need for an online solution to add to onsite training efforts, a balance that would kickstart advancement in salespeople with minimal computer skills.

Giraldo attributes the large success of the platform, a Moodle site developed by Nivel Siete―a Latin American learning company and official Moodle Partner later acquired by Moodlerooms―to equal parts technology and positioning as a career development tool. Sales certification required completion of online courses, which would be consistently upgraded to account for development in the fast-paced industry of car sales. Where Giraldo expected a traumatic transition, staff brought eagerness, excitement, and optimism.

Since then, Mazda continues to provide relevant information through its Moodle, featuring sales and customer services courses and a complete library with a high-level of detail about Mazda’s cars and accessories. Mazda is currently the seventh-largest car brand sold in Colombia, recently edging out Toyota for the ranking. With a 5.2% market share, it is one of the few companies with a significant increase in recent history.

Check out Mazda Colombia’s Moodle at

Read the 2014 story on CCA-Mazda at

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