What If The Cool Course Competition Was Judged By The American Idol Judges? @moodlenator

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The good news, we would be on TV and would have over 15 million viewers weekly!   The bad news, the elimination rounds would be brutal.  Long lines of Moodlers circling the outside of stadiums, trying to acquire a wireless signal to tweet their experiences. Ryan Seacrest interviewing the most bizarre of contestants before they show their sites to the judges.  Like the course designed for Judge Judy fans,  the How to Get on Judge Judy Course, which did not get past the Moodle bailiff.

Next step is for the viewers to call 1-900-Moodle # to vote on their favorite courses.  Once we spent all our minutes and monies to vote for  Uncle Bob’s Antique Refinishing Course, the real judges step in, and this is what they thought about the Coolest of the Cool Courses.

Best Application of Moodle Activities.
1st – Stuart Mealor with Concepts of ICT
Judge Randy “DOG!, I love the acronyms.  But, we’re talking about activities, and DOG, your activities bark, fierce!  I loved the Learning Diary and your “How big is your hard drive” choice activity. “

Best Use of Media
1st – Edward Pickering-Symes with Climate Change Course
Judge Kara D “ I love your choice of media.  The interactive map quiz is awesome.  The Detective kit is way cool and Clim City is just plain hot!

Primary & Secondary
Primary:  1st – Christine Pannen with Deep Blue – rund um die Ozeane der Welt
Secondary: 1st – Martin Kurz with IT-Unterricht
Judge Ellen:  “I love these sites!  I can’ t read German, but, I love these sites!  I love the looks, it works for kids and teenagers.  And, it works for adults like me, who act like kids.  I’m sure I can’t do justice to your sites, so I wont try.  I do appreciate your efforts, and I understand your audiences.  Nice job!

1st – Janina Dewitz with eLearning and Moodle Essentials +++Lite+++
Judge Simon:  “I’m going to make this brief,  brilliant!”  The slide share/show of “The Art of Instant Moodles”, is perfect.  Great educational lesson on copyright, I can relate to wanting to protect my work.  But, the top piece by far is your file management lesson, superb!”

Overall, all courses are wonderful and there is a lesson to be learned from each and everyone one of them.
Give a shout out to  @moodlehelen and everyone who helped with the competition.  They deserve a huge thank you and congratulations.   To quote a former Idol judge (Paula), “This competition is going to turn the Moodle industry upside down!”.  Share your thoughts about the Cool Course Competition, send me a note @moodlenator.

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