eThink Stories: Why eThink Education Chose Arlo to Help Organizations Scale Their Training Programs with an LMS & eCommerce

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It was one of the most highly anticipated presentations of the season. Leading global Moodle and Totara Global Partner of the Year eThink Education kicked off a partner webinar series with a session on how companies can scale training programs by pairing eCommerce with a Learning Management System (LMS). Joining eThink was Arlo, a leading Training Management Software provider.

Arlo’s TMS solution provides seamless eCommerce and payment functionality, allowing companies to monetize training programs and scale their businesses. During the session, eThink and Arlo discussed specific challenges organizations often face when determining how to deliver effective learning for their industry. Attendees from all over the world were eager to learn how this partnership is set to extend the seamless approach eThink Education is known for, into one of the most challenging parts of the learning sales funnel: Combining your eCommerce efforts and the LMS in order to sell and deliver courses in one place.

Learning is Changing

Recent years have shown dramatic moves in the learning space. Formal, onsite education continues to be challenged, both pedagogically and in terms of cost-effectiveness. Increasingly, blended, multi-faceted learning approaches are adopted as they prove to be more effective for today’s learners. Training programs have become more complex, but organizations are taking advantage of additional tools through their LMS that allows them to manage it or even thrive in it.

We now understand that an organizational focus on creating high-quality, engaging courses that will improve learner success is a solid baseline. But as companies mature, we are beginning to recognize the value of scaling training programs with the express purpose of maximizing ROI. This puts eCommerce on the spotlight, especially in how it relates to some of the other ways professional learning is changing:

  • One-and-done courses and certifications are often easy to forget or rush through just to receive completion status. However, ongoing learning initiatives and continuous training not only help train learners effectively long-term, but encourages regular professional development throughout the entirety of the employee life cycle.
  • Learners want to move past standardized offerings to personalized learning programs that teach skills and lessons that are specifically beneficial to them as individuals.
  • Learners want to engage with and learn from their peers, not just their instructors. Courses or lessons that are both engaging and collaborative have a longer-lasting impact than the traditional instructor-led lecture.
  • Learning programs need to be dynamic, multi-faceted, and easily accessible in order to get the best results.

Unfortunately, not every company has the bandwidth, resources, or expertise to deliver state-of-the-art training. If you have internal training programs in place, are you leveraging them to further support your organization’s success?

The best LMS… is an LMS-TMS Pairing? Using interoperability to scale learning methods, incorporate eCommerce

Training program providers such as Arlo know that managing internal learning programs within an LMS is one thing, but adding eCommerce into the mix is a whole different game. Selling eLearning courses can be a difficult transition for many training operators to make, full of unexpected changes in the system and user behavior.

In order to scale your training operation with an LMS, it’s important to understand the difference between a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Training Management System (TMS). The LMS was designed for tracking and delivering internal learning, assessments, and eLearning content management within an organization. Conversely, the TMS helps with instructor-led training management, allowing you to purchase, sell, market, and manage back-office processes.

To provide a successful commercial learning and training implementation, you need an LMS paired with an eCommerce solution. If you deliver classroom-style instructor-led training as well, you also need a training layer with tools that make the instructor’s job better. And, all the pieces of the learning ecosystem need to play nicely together to enable a seamless flow of information and to avoid bogging your team down with manual administration. This is where interoperability comes in. Ensuring that the technology you are using is able to integrate and share data with one another allows you to easily scale your training programs.

Whether you own and create a library of training resources, or rely on third-party content to train your team, training course purchases can be streamlined through an LMS-TMS integration. This would allow you to track learner data within a course as well as manage the fundamental aspects of an eCommerce operation. Modules such as finances, invoicing, CRM, shopping cart and marketing and sales analytics can be seamlessly integrated with the LMS data when you pair with a TMS.

Open Source: The leading technology in today’s EdTech landscape

eThink Education is the largest certified partner in the world for Moodle and the Totara Global Partner of the Year, two of the largest Open Source LMS. With a global presence, eThink provides “full service” open-source LMS solutions, playing an essential role in delivering flexible learning solutions for a wide range of institutions and organizations. eThink helps clients navigate the LMS selection process, starting at the platform and incorporating additional tools based on industry and company-specific learning needs. With an unrelenting pace of key partnerships —providing anything from learning analytics to custom eLearning content, eCommerce and more— eThink continues to cement its brand as a “one-stop shop” for tailored LMS solutions for learning organizations and corporations worldwide.

Arlo boasts no less impressive stats. With over a decade of experience, presence in more than 70 countries and similar near-perfect satisfaction rates, the TMS company already accounts for more than $1 billion USD in learning eCommerce transactions. Thomson Reuters, PWC, Pearson, Microsoft and the UK’s National Health Services figure among its high-profile customers.

Combining your training efforts with eCommerce becomes significantly easier to deliver and manage when using the inherent flexibility and interoperability of open-source technology. An open-source LMS such as Moodle or Totara allows for third-party integrations with top software companies in order to effectively sell and deliver high-quality training.

eThink and Arlo have joined forces to deliver a hassle-free funnel with all the expected features of today’s shopping carts. Coupons, discounts, vouchers, bundles, targeted campaigns, partial payments and installments are just some of its features. They have customization options that allow you to effortlessly align your eLearning and eCommerce goals. For example, course registrations or discounts can be available only to those who have completed certain prerequisites. With both eThink and Arlo supporting your training efforts, you will be able to scale your training solution and deliver high-quality eLearning to your target audience. All without leaving your digital training platform.

Check out the webinar recording to learn “How to Scale Your Training Program with eCommerce and an LMS” and for an overview of both companies. Click below to learn more about eThink and explore the eCommerce and LMS integrations being used to streamline organizations’ digital learning programs, or contact [email protected]

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