Why Montpellier Management Chose Open LMS As Its New eLearning Provider

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What if you’re a higher education institution that adopted an LMS years ago but are looking for an open-source eLearning platform that better serves staff and student needs? 

That’s exactly what Montpellier Management, a division of Université de Montpellier in France, was looking to do. After teaching students online for over 15 years using the same learning management system, the business school needed to switch to a learning platform that felt familiar to faculty, yet offered the scalability and support to deliver learning more effectively 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

The Challenge: Searching for a User-Friendly Open-Source LMS

Montpellier Management adopted a learning management system over 15 years ago, teaching students online in partnership with the CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance) and the AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie). As its course offering expanded and demand grew from students all over the world, the LMS no longer met the needs of faculty and students. 

Ease-of-use and integration with other tools were missing, and with the acceleration of more students earning their diplomas at a distance since 2019, the business school needed a substantially more user-friendly online learning experience that could support learners globally.

“For more than 10 years, we had had an LMS that no longer met our needs, and was quite complex to use. Many teachers and students got lost in it.” – Veronique Lucas, Instructional Manager, Distance Learning and Digital Services, Montpellier Management.

The Solution: Adopting Open LMS to Offer an Improved Teaching and Learning Experience

As many of its faculty were already familiar with open-source eLearning technology, having used mostly Moodle™ during the pandemic (Université de Montpellier’s main LMS), Montpellier Management sought a solution that was easy to transition into for both staff and students. Scouting the market, the institution decided to adopt Open LMS, a learning management system based on the same open-source functionality but which offered a more user-friendly interface that was easier to navigate. Open LMS offered more customization, seamlessly integrated with more tools, and provided the hosting and support for Montpellier Management’s growing online student population. 

We needed a platform that was easy to use for students and teachers and that could be used along with the different tools we use for teaching and learning.”Veronique Lucas, Instructional Manager, Distance Learning and Digital Services, Montpellier Management.

Training sessions were delivered to get all teaching staff to successfully transition to the new LMS and procedures put in place for its effective use, with student training to follow.

The Result: Getting Faculty Fully Onboard, the First Step to Successful Online Learning Experiences

Moving to Open LMS occurred in a matter of weeks, and the first step to experiencing positive results from the switch was getting teaching staff onboarded to the new platform before the September 2021 Fall term. While Montpellier expects to have a full understanding of results by the end of the academic year, the management school reports already receiving positive feedback from faculty with access to the new learning platform. As with most students, they simply expect their online learning platform to be intuitive and easy to use on any device, so getting buy-in from teaching staff was the key to LMS adoption success.

“Teachers already have access to Open LMS, and we have had positive feedback on how easy it is to use.” – Veronique Lucas, Instructional Manager, Distance Learning and Digital Services, Montpellier Management.

Montpellier Management reports that more faculty are beginning to teach both in-person and online, which was “unthinkable” just a few years ago. It’s also incorporating digital technology regardless of modality, making use of the LMS more than ever before. Offering an eLearning platform that’s truly user-friendly and meets its needs has contributed to the institution’s desire to both teach and use online learning as an effective means of teaching delivery for its global student base.

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