Winning All Around With Moodle And Google Thanks To Summer Of Code

Winning All Around With Moodle And Google Thanks To Summer Of Code

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For 11 years now, Moodle has partnered with Google on their Summer of Code (GSoC) Program. Now, for the 2016 version, a press release summarizes and highlight the results of aspiring developers.
Some of the benefits for Moodle developers are manifest, others less so. Starting Moodlers get an introduction into what day-to-day activities will involve, once they become professional programmers. Contributions to the LMS will ripple across hundreds of countries and millions of users, often with some name recognition. To cut the list short, it is ultimately a glimpse into trending features, practices, frameworks and technologies among young engineers.
The fodder these developers brought to Moodle is on display in the following four projects.
Joey Andres (University of Alberta, Canada) worked on image crop, resize and rotate, right from Moodle’s default text editors.
Devang Gaur (Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, India) developed Global Search functionality to work on an increasing number of Moodle components.
Supun Wanniarachchi (Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka) implemented an end-to-end testing framework for Moodle Mobile.
Alexandru Elisei (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania) devised plugin templates, which should cut down on repetitive startup tasks and increase productivity for developers.
«Involvement in this program does advance education, opportunities and the open source movement and we at Moodle look forward to new intake for the 2017 Google Summer of Code program.»
Summer of Code also benefits Google, both directly and indirectly. Developer implementation of Google services into their code can mean revenue. Becoming an indispensable tool of their workflow guarantees user permanence for the long term. I will add a final word on how much Google has capitalized on Open Source technology to achieve its global presence, thus supporting its development is good business.
Would you share your GSoC experience in the comments?

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