You’re Running Out Of Reasons Not To Bring Mobile To Your Moodle Classroom

You're Running Out Of Reasons Not To Bring Mobile To Your Moodle Classroom

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We won’t dwell on the mobile revolution we’re living today and the millions of lives it has changed or even saved. We will, however, mention two announcements that will get you right on track to take advantage of mobile in your teaching through Moodle Mobile.

#1 Tips to get you on mobile today

First, a profile from the Moodle blog covers Juan Leyva’s talk at the recent MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, held in London last month. Leyva, Moodle HQ Mobile Team Leader, disclosed his “Seven Tips for Moodle Mobile Course Design.” You can check out his slides here. But in short, here they are:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep images light and allow them to resize automatically to any screen.
  3. Keep media formats simple and offer alternatives, such as download and streaming/YouTube options.
  4. Keep it interactive. Leyva recommends the Choice Activity that behaves well on mobile. It could be adapted to in-class games or participation activities.
  5. Keep assessments relevant. Mobile opens windows for evidence gathering. Ideas: ask for pictures taken with the device camera or screenshots from maps with their location pointed out.
  6. Keep it social. Having phones in the classroom practically guarantees quick visits to social media. Inquire and embrace it.

#2 Reflect on mobile with colleagues around the world with the Moodlebites MOOC

The first free Moodlebites Moodle Mobile MOOC is officially out. It starts with a Communications module allowing you to understand and contrast the interaction tools between students and teachers. In the first week, it covers Activities and Resources including Quiz, Forum, Chat, Notifications, and more. Read our previous coverage here.

To join, sign up and join the “Preparation” Course first. The course is designed for a Mobile immersion. It is recommended to take it on a mobile device, as some of its contents have Moodle Restrict Access applied and cannot be viewed on a desktop.

moodlerooms-logoThis Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: MoodleRooms the open source learning experience by Blackboard. Rediscover Moodle. Click here to learn more.


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