The eLearning Podcast, Episode №5 — Brittany Smith On EdTech And Serious Topics With Children

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My guest for the fifth episode of the eLearning Podcast is Brittany Smith. Brittany is a Preschool teacher in Atlantic City, New Jersey, who blogs at

Last June, Brittany’s Twitter thread about children’s books that discuss race and racism went viral – being shared on the social network over 200,000 times. Since then she has been invited to speak on countless outlets including TIME, NPR, Good Morning America, Buzzfeed and the Kelly Clarkson Show.

Her thread did not come out of nowhere. Digitally savvy and child focused, Brittany is fully aware of the power of technologies to spark conversations and generate a sense of closeness and community.

In this episode, Brittany and I talk about

  • Why children should not be underestimated when it comes to using digital technologies to learn, engage and feel connected…
  • …nor when it comes to sensing the seriousness of current events. In fact, research shows “shielding” them at a young age can exacerbate prejudice for the rest of their lives.
  • The power of technologies like social media to spark fruitful conversation, even among the young, about difficult topics
  • What it’s like to teach in a truly diverse preschool. (We’re talking kids from Haiti, Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Albania)
  • What tech and media companies —eLearning included— can learn about tackling issues of racism and social justice and meaningfully contributing to the conversation.

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