The eLearning Podcast — Mohit Mukherjee, UPeace Centre for Executive Education

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If you don’t figure out how to do your programs online, you are out of business.” These are words from my guest for episode 11 of the eLearning Podcast. Mohit is an expert in organizational development, positive psychology, social entrepreneurship, and the Founding Director of the Centre for Executive Education at the University for Peace, a United Nations established institution.

Mohit has been a pioneer in both the social entrepreneurship space, and virtual education. He’s been particularly focused on graduate and continuing education programs, which in the case of the UN, have faced the challenges of creating courses where people from all over the world have a chance to participate. I’m sure you will enjoy this conversation as much as we did, where we talk about:

  • The idea of “online virtuosity” — Where we realize that success in online learning is not a matter of technology or a checklist, but your ability to “play the music” for the specific group of human beings that are participating in your course.
  • What “learning centered design” really means, and why it has stayed relevant in 2020.
  • The importance of “virtual leadership,” or being able to figure out future needs, assess risks and take action to guarantee success in online learning. Mohit’s thoughts on the new normal, and where a pioneer’s mind is now that everyone is already where used to be.

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