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My guest for today’s episode is Chris Badgett, founder of LifterLMS. As many of you know, we love open source technology. And when it comes to elearning, we think of Moodle, the most widely used learning system on the planet. But believe it or not, there is another, more omnipresent system on the internet with the potential of transforming the education of millions. I’m talking about WordPress.

After over a decade as a WordPress developer, Chris realized the potential of adding LMS superpowers to his clients’ websites. LifterLMS provides WordPress sites a ton of goodies to create, manage and promote courses to those who don’t want to get into specialized software.

In this exciting conversation we talk about:

  • The fantabulous world of the Educational Entrepreneur, perhaps not as big as others in the technology space, but one you should not dismiss quickly as innovator or even investor
  • Chris’s lessons in market validation and scalability, without necessarily leaving your niche. And can you guess how much money did the most successful online balloon animal teacher make last year? The answer will surprise you
  • Why it made sense for Chris to talk about a “Wordpress LMS” and its possibilities as a ubiquitous platform that’s easy to use and scale
  • How the benefits of open source in education can compound, as long as we understand that making it “talk” in the language of any user is a necessary piece of the puzzle
  • And finally, why for many entrepreneurs in the education space, interoperability and a collective vision for an interconnected ecosystem is a legitimate path for growth. Customers want more openness, not less.

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