The eLearning Podcast — Eva Lantsoght, PhD Talk; USFQ

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My guest today is Dr. Eva Lantsoght, a civil engineer from Belgium, currently a tenured research professor at USFQ in Ecuador, and Duolingo success story. But if you are in the process of either starting or completing your doctoral studies, chances are that you are more familiar with her work at PhD Talk, a blog and podcast she created. PhD Talk is an amazing resource covering everything there is to know about the doctoral student life. From figuring out your dissertation topic and research planning, to networking, time  management and getting better sleep; to of course, the many ways online learning has transformed postgraduate education. Which in Dr. Eva’s opinion, are ultimately beneficial for students and the global research communities.

In this exciting conversation we talk about:

  • What it’s like to be Eva! Her engineering background, how she ended up in South America, her writing and the origins of the PhD Talk blog and podcast.
  • Why she’s optimistic about the mix of postgraduate education and online learning, especially when it comes to building community and fostering partnerships; and of course, the many educational hurdles that still remain, and the ways technology can help, if not totally replace field studies and research labs
  • What has made PhD Talk such an important reference and support tool. Not just for PhD students, but also Master’s graduates thinking about their next chapter; and even more than a few tenured professors interested in learning how to do a better job online
  • The importance of support systems and organizations that help teachers to work on their digital competencies; and the fascinating case of SHIFT whose help allowed Dr. Eva’s students avoid long hours at the Zoom, in exchange for more engaging and personal exchanges
  • Dr. Eva’s advice for doctoral students in a mostly online learning world: Stay flexible, and get comfortable with networking with the whole world.

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