Why your Online Courses are the perfect beast for Data Driven Marketing with John Ainsworth on the Elearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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My guest for today is John Ainsworth, Founder and CEO of Data Driven Marketing. In this conversation, John is going to convince you that, as a course creator, you are most likely underselling yourself.

Tell me if your story goes more or less like this: You take the time to make the most amazing, high-quality course you’re capable of. You release it into the wild, and then you get a handful of purchases. You’re probably fine with the outcome, but of course you would like to see some more sales.

In this conversation, John provides a super compelling case for how a little bit of structure and effort in your marketing funnel can make your elearning courses really take off. And, if you’re willing to put in the work, how the payoff can be tangibly life changing

In this mindset-tweaking interview we talk about:

👨‍🚀 Why John is such a believer in the elearning space: Because of its current market potential and the common qualities of the people in this field, always thrilled by seeing someone being capable of accomplishing new things.

📑 The “hurdles of the middle,” or why course creators often miss the mark when it comes to marketing their own amazing products.

💸 The psychology of online sales, and overcoming your fears of being too “salesy.” More often than not, a good offer is just very helpful. (Just call it the “Happy Meal” principle.)

📢 Why improving your marketing actions, from increasing value per sale, conversion rates, or subscription volumes, will always benefit by tackling them from an educational POV.

🙈 Ultimately, why your marketing should be at least as helpful to your clients as the courses you are selling, if not more.

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