Sailing the waters of Learning Science Design with ‘Learning Pirate’ Lauren Waldman on the Elearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek

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My guest for today is Lauren Waldman, aka the “Learning Pirate.” Lauren is a consultant and Lead Scientific Learning Designer on a mission to educate elearning professionals on the brain, in order to fix long-standing practices that really just get in the way of effective and “psychologically safe” experiences.

In this deeply thoughtful conversation we talk about:

🎓 What is it like to be a “learning science designer,” or someone who works on closing the gap between practice and research in education.

🚚 Why, according to the science of “cognitive overload,” you might tweak your delivery to ensure you’re working in favor of your learners’ memory.

🍧 Why is it so valuable to consider the brain’s “desirable difficulties,” or that sweet spot of familiarity and challenge that makes for a sound learning path.

🛌 The often overlooked issue of sleep and the critical role it plays in encoding and the consolidation of skills.

🏞 Finally, we discuss what it would take to invest in “safe” learning environments in the digital world, and experiences that promote real upskilling, confidence and self awareness in people’s minds.

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