AI, Text-Based Learning to Meet Young Learners Where They Hang with Rachel Fisher, Hello PLATO on the eLearning Podcast with Ladek

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My guest for today is Rachel Fisher, co-founder of the AI learning app, Hello PLATO. If you have an LMS or eLearning platform, and have always wondered how to integrate it to your students favorite messaging app in a way that makes sense, this is the conversation for you. After all, wouldn’t you rather meet your students right where they love to hang out the most? 

In this exciting conversation we talk about:

✅ Hello PLATO, and why the best answer Rachel and her team found to simplify the content creation process was by leveraging text messaging interfaces.

💍 Why text-based learning can be a powerful learning medium, capable of creating high levels of engagement and data, often better than popular authoring tools.

⌨ We discuss the affordability angle of text-based learning, or why for many students around the world text-based learning is not just the best eLearning platform, but the only one available.

3️⃣ Why Hello PLATO seeks to integrate rather than substitute the LMS, and why learners favor decentralized learning ecosystems in growing numbers.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 We also touch on issues of entrepreneurship in eLearning, bridging digital gaps and tech divides, and what it is like to be a woman founder in the super hot universe of EdTech.

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