Transformative, Compassionate Change with Daniel Martin, Brightsity on the eLearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek

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My guest today is Daniel Martin. Daniel is a social psychologist, organizational psychologist and business professor. He’s also the founder of Brightsity, a platform that helps individuals and  organizations create measurable transformative change.

In this compassionate conversation we talk about:

🇬🇧 The origins of Brightsity, which was born out of Daniel’s work on “hierarchy maintenance” in society,  specifically around racism and sexism; and the recognized need that a great majority of us have for bi-directional, compassionate mentoring relationships.

🏫 What exactly compassion for yourself and others not only means (in three parts), but how this ultimately offers serious benefit and return for traditional business and education roles like leadership, finance and talent management.

🔋 The power of nonhierarchical conversations, those that are stripped of all pre-conceptions. Kinda like those amazing, yet ephemeral, conversations we have with complete strangers on trains, planes and shared rides.

💽 The implications that the confluence of compassion and massive data has for Millennials who are today’s largest portion of the workforce.

🙏 Why we should be more compassionate with ourselves in today’s society driven by daily marginal gains.

⏬ Finally, we discuss how all change is built from the bottom up and how taking the time to practice forgiveness can be a total game changer.

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