Helping Underserved Learners All The Way With Nolvia Delgado

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Nolvia Delgado, who is the Executive Director of the Kaplan Foundation. 

In this ‘inspirational’ conversation Nolvia and I talk about

0:00 › Start

4:10 › Life of a First-generation College Graduate—and the support the Foundation provides to underrepresented learners like her (It’s not just financial!)

7:32 › Kaplan Foundation’s Application Process—How the process works for applying, acceptance and moving through the program. How the Foundation finds (and helps) candidates apply and the partners they work with

11:38 › On Community-Based Organizations—What they are, how they help the Foundation, and how it has been able to expand the reach of its programs because of these groups (and COVID’s gentle nudge)

15:15 › Challenges, Myths and Concerns of Underserved Learners applying for programs like the Kaplan foundation and how Nolvia’s team is working to address them

18:17 › Anatomy of the Underserved—What does a typical applicant look like for the Foundation, what factors contribute to a successful application, and their onward journey to achieve their “big dream”

22:25 › The Top Three Focus Areas— The Foundation’s priorities for current applicants, to give them the greatest chance of success possible, and specific examples about how this worked out for Nolvia and others in their journey
31:20 › How Nolvia plans to evolve and grow the reach of the foundation to better serve their target learners

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