Looking for Course content? Check out the Course Content Database at Moodle.net

Mary Cooch recently shared a resource with me in a comment on a post here at Moodlenews for the Moodle.net Course Content Database (a resource that I had thought no longer existed). Back in Moodle 1.9, there used to be several databases of importable quiz questions, glossary xml files, and Moodle database templates for download […]

Check out this handy Quiz Creation PDF created by @sounews

Here’s a great PDF that one of my colleagues at StraighterLine found which helped her get the hang of the Aiken quiz question import format. A quick and easy way to convert questions in from a Word document to a usable Moodle format. The document was created by Southern Oregon University’s Distance Learning department and […]

Moodle2Word: A quick, easy and free Quiz tool

Eoin Campbell created a pretty slick tool for creating new quiz questions and quizzes using Microsoft Word that can then be uploaded/imported to your Moodle course.  The resource has a dedicated site located at http://www.moodle2word.net/ where you can find the zips, several tutorials (including this handy video) and samples. There are two things you’ll definitely […]

Easy Quiz Question Creation by @Moodlexml

Yulia Ivanova submitted this tip to MN and I have to say that the website tool is pretty slick.  Moodle supports several easy to use quiz creation formats already (GIFT and Aiken are among my personal favorites), but the MoodleXML format is another option.  Through Yulia’s website you can easily create quizzes in plain, easy […]

@digidoug shows how to create Quizzes the easy way (Aiken Format)

The Aiken format is a simple way to create Multiple Choice and True/False question types in Moodle. Doug, the author “Reflections on Distributed Learning” (http://distlearn.wordpress.com/), published a quick post that highlights the process of using a simple text editor to create and format questions that can easily be imported into the Moodle quiz module. Here’s […]