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Updated in May 2020. Our updated coverage of Moodle visual customization is presented by EdWiser RemUI, top premium Moodle theme. Themes installed on the most sites adaptable theme_adaptable 16,614 +55% Y-o-Y   moove theme_moove 9,165 +153%   academi theme_academi 6,895 +43%   fordson theme_fordson 6,454 +83%   klass theme_klass 6,405 +43%   eguru theme_eguru 6,337 […]

Use This Brand New Moodle Theme For A Return To ‘Classic’

Use This Brand New Moodle Theme For A Return To ‘Classic’

The Moodle core is keeping its promise to cut ties with Bootstrap 2 (or “Bootstrapbase”), the framework for modern web development that introduced Moodle to modern user interfaces and standards. Bootstrap 4 is already here, and even if in the eyes of a few the latest release is still not ready for prime time, the […]

New Visual Layout Design Components In Moodle 3.5 Courtesy Of Bootstrap 4

The long-awaited release of the web development framework, Bootstrap 4, is now available in Moodle, to the delight of site and theme designers everywhere. As a “Front End” framework, Bootstrap’s popularity lies in the simple way it helps users perform common tasks in creating a website’s layout, packaging lots of common elements in a relatively […]

BREAKING: Moodle 3.5 Is Out

Moodle 3.5 Is Out!

Moodle 3.5 is out! The latest version of the largest LMS in terms of worldwide users and registered sites is ready for your download. Moodle 3.5 continues its focus on usability, and it is considered the second release in the current period of “User-first development” at Moodle HQ. Moodle 3.5 also brings critical new features, […]

BREAKING: Moodle 3.5, Minor Releases Delayed

BREAKING: Moodle 3.5, Minor Releases Delayed

Moodle HQ’s Sander Bengma has announced via the Moodle Forum that Moodle 3.5 and the accompanying minor releases Moodle 3.4.3 and Moodle 3.3.6 will not be available by the initially scheduled date of May 14. This major release comes with major new features, and, for the sake of ensuring a smooth experience, the decision to […]

Privacy, Better Quizzes, Faster And Modern: The Latest Scoop On Moodle 3.5

Privacy, Better Quizzes, Faster And Modern: The Latest Scoop On Moodle 3.5

Moodle 3.5 is scheduled to be released the second Monday of May. It will be the next Long Term Support (LTS), which means it will enjoy 36 months of security updates rather than the traditional 18. Moodle 3.5 sits squarely in the middle of a refocusing of Moodle’s development to keep a higher focus on the […]

What’s coming in Moodle 3.5 – the next LTS version of Moodle

Moodle 3.5 is the next upcoming major version of the Moodle LMS. It is scheduled to be released in the second week of May 2018.  Like each major version release, every new Moodle version is packed with many new features and improvements. So, Moodle 3.5 will also unleash many new cutting edge features and improvements. […]

Check out the brand new awesome Moodle theme – Enlightlite #Moodlethemes

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Since the introduction of Bootstrap 4 based themes in Moodle 3.2, Moodle doesn’t look clumsy out of the box. It doesn’t give a feel like the 90’s software’s. There are many themes based on Bootstrap 4 based framework which not only change the Moodle looks to something awesome, they will also make Moodle looks stunning. […]