Do You Want To Easily Create A Large Number Of Questions In Your Moodle Course?

gift moodle quiz scripting

Are you looking for an easy method to create large number of questions in your Moodle course? Creating large number of questions for your Moodle quiz can be a time-consuming task. If you are planning to create your questions right in Moodle question bank, which is a commendable practice that will save you time in […]

Exploiting Moodle For Remote Code Execution? Best Open LMS Videos Of The Month

Hacking Moodle and gaining Remote Code Execution on its server by Ethical Hackers Club A user with only teacher permission can take advantage on an old bug. It can make Moodle execute malicious code on the server by creating a calculated question. The answer must be validated by a formula. Upon saving the formula, the […]

Another Easy Quiz Creation tool (Examview) tutorial by @mguhlin

Examview is a really handy quiz creation tool that’s often included with text books that provide their own test banks for your courses.  I bet you didn’t know that you could use those questions in your Moodle though.  Miguel (@mguhlin) has outlined a handy hack that allows users to export questions from Examview into Blackboard […]