13 Major Milestones in the History of eLearning

History of eLearning

eLearning is referred to as the use of the internet as well as other digital innovations and technologies to educate across geographical lines. This name dates back to around 2001, but the History of eLearning offers a rich, centuries-old background. eLearning was first coined in 1999 during a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) seminar. It is […]

Moodle, Beware Canvas! 20-Year Perspective In The US & Canada Higher Ed LMS Marketplace

Moodle, Beware Canvas! 20-Year Perspective In The US & Canada Higher Ed LMS Marketplace | Años de Dominio Superior de Moodle en LMS de Código Abierto, Amenazados

Disponible en Español. A steady expansion over the past years has made Canvas’ campaign the most effective in the race for domination of the American and Canadian Higher Education LMS markets, according to a report by MindWires and LISTedTECH. Phil Hill, analyst and consultant for e-Literate and MindWires, announced the release of the report along […]

Free Moodle 2 logo from Plymouth State University & @JustinLitalien

This logo for Moodle 2 was created and shared by Justin Litalien (@JustinLitalien) of Plymouth State University.  Last year Plymouth adopted Moodle moving away from Blackboard and is now piloting Moodle 2.1 with faculty.  To commemorate the upward march of version numbers Justin created this slick Moodle 2 logo and shared it for all to use. […]

Students and Instructors Grade Moodle with highest marks in Carleton College survey

Here’s some qualitative data on LMS usage and opinions by a pretty good sample of students and instructors at Carleton College in Canada.  The survey by the LMS Support team was designed to compare Desire to Learn, Moodle, and Blackboard 9 to WebCT. Direct link to survey results/analysis. One interesting graph (there are plenty) is […]

Gone Moodle: An interview with Clarence Maise of Western Nevada College

Recently Clarence Maise and Western Nevada College took a well-informed leap of faith in adopting their new LMS, Joule 2 provided by Moodlerooms.  While many other higher education institutions have hesitated to adopt the underlying Moodle 2.0 technology, Clarence and his team were eager to adopt the best possible after piloting several versions and while […]

#Blackboard usage drops 6%; Moodle grows to 10% market share according to ITC Survey

According to the recently published 2010 Distance Education Survey Results by the Instructional Technology Council (ITC) there continues to be a shake up in the Learning Management System market with growth for some and drops for others across surveyed institutions.  Note that those surveyed were generally the director of distance learning of one of the 345 ITC […]

Gone Moodle: Florida International U and the U of Montreal

Here are a few institutions of higher learning which plan to, or have already made the switch to Moodle.  Enjoy the links and be sure to check out the UM theme and color picker.  Very cool. Florida International University, USA [blog article]: FIU started evaluating alternative LMSs when the dust settled around the Blackboard/WebCT acquisition. […]

“Moodle’s Like a Motorcycle….let’s go for a ride”

Here are some faculty thoughts on the differences between Blackboard/WebCT (the University of Minnesota‘s preceding Learning Management Systemt) and Moodle (download the PDF of interview excerpts here [link]).  The migration will finalize summer 2012 and is lead by the University’s Office of Information Technology.  For more information visit: http://webct.umn.edu/. This is my favorite quote: There’s more fun with Moodle. No […]

Gone Moodle 9/24/10 @elonuniversity & Macquarie University

A few more schools are taking the Moodle plunge, Macquarie University is moving to Moodle (via Moodle Buzz): Macquarie U in Sydney Australia is moving to Moodle after using WebCT/Blackboard.  Read more about their decision and study at http://www.announcements.mq.edu.au/others/macquarie_university_is_moving_to_moodle Elon University is considering a switch to Moodle from Blackboard (http://www.elon.edu/pendulum/Story.aspx?id=4184): According to The Pendulum the […]

Oakland Univ. and the benefits of moving to Moodle

Recently posted at the Center for Technology – Enhanced Learning blog of the University of Southern Maine (http://usmctel.blogspot.com) is a link to a great presentation by Nic Bongers and Shaun Moore, staff at Oakland University in Michigan.  The presentation (available as an archive in Elluminate) covers the “Benefits of Moving to Moodle” as OU learned […]