Healthcare eLearning Player MedTrainer Thrives Amid Great Resignation, Strikes Key Absorb LMS Partnership

medtrainer and absorb lms

MedTrainer is a provider of eLearning solutions for healthcare, including LMS, compliance, credentialing and more. Chris Heller, Business Development professional at MedTrainer, speaks with us in relation to the recent announcement between Absorb LMS and MedTrainer, which makes the Florida based company the exclusive provider of healthcare content for the top corporate Learning Management System […]

The Best LMS According To AI Sentiment Analysis

Elearning Success Summit lmspulse moodle blackboard open lms instructure canvas sakai apereo d2l

It’s hauntingly hard to find an optimal Learning Management System. By which, I mean to rely on one source of information, or a ratings and review portals. (We all know the problem with ratings.) Feature-based evaluations hint at capability, but it’s all too easy to see two LMS listing the same feature and get two […]

The LMSPulse 2020 Atlas Of EdTech — Master Every Domain

LMSPulse 2020 EdTech LMS Atlas

Everything there is to know, buy, sell, use, learn, do and build in this digital realm of riches. Continuously updated.   We understand how exhausting it can be to make sense of everything that’s happening in the elearning space. But at the end of the day, this space is about to absorb you no matter […]

Moodle LMS an Editor’s Choice, gets an “Excellent” rating from PCMag

I mean I already knew that but PC Mag’s software editor has rated Moodle LMS as “Excellent”. The review touches on those major features which would be wanted in a learning management system including assessment, “unparalleled” language support, a plugin ecosystem and more. Moodle was compared against other commercial LMSes like Grovo, Absorb, Litmos and […]