Zoom Meeting Plugin Now Available For Moodle 3.11

Zoom Meeting Plugin for Moodle

Zoom, another webinar tool for web-based meetings and synchronous sessions, has a straightforward —and unofficial— plugin to integrate with Moodle-based LMS. Install it in your system to provide direct access to Zoom rooms from within course sections or really anywhere. Students will join right away, with their LMS profile names on display. The Zoom plugin […]

How To Track Content Access And Student Attendance Online


Updated on March 13, 2020. From confidentiality, to proper tracking of students and their whereabouts, there are reasons organizations are hesitant to jump into online learning, let alone on a permanent basis. Fear not, we’ve got your back. Protecting content for online access The following are some “tricks” available that attempt to discourage users from […]

Set Up A ‘Feature Friday’ To Jumpstart Your Team Moodle Skills

Set Up A ‘Feature Friday’ To Jumpstart Your Team Moodle Skills

The official Moodle blog has launched its “Feature Friday,” looking to create a tradition of highlighting new and existing features available in recent Moodle versions. With several issues made in the past year, a recap post promotes the establishment of “Feature Friday” for teams and organizations. Not unlike a study group, a different member could […]

There Could Be A Different Meaning For These 4 Analytics In Your Teaching

There Could Be A Different Meaning For These 4 Analytics In Your Teaching

A sense of achievement and insight is common in educators who see, for the first time, a visual dashboard populated with real data about their students’ behavior and performance. It might reignite a teacher’s interest in trying new things, like making students spend more time on the LMS, complete more activities, and achieve higher scores. […]

This Plugin Gives Moodle Blocks A New Home

This Plugin Gives Moodle Blocks A New Home

Disponible en Español. David Mudrák is one of the many Moodle HQ team members who enjoy giving back to the Moodle Community. He maintains over ten publicly available plugins, updated regularly on the official Moodle Plugin Directory. One of his latest releases is for Poster, an Activity plugin that looks to give safe harbor to […]

Merry Moodle 3.2 Year! It’s The Little Things (Upgraded in Moodle Activities)

While shiny features like “Boost”, Competencies, LTI, or the dashing new media player took up our headlines, a lot of effort by true heroes who developed Moodle 3.2 has gone into smaller upgrades. They are improvements to the most popular Moodle activities and may only be noticed through real practice and sadly, chances are not everyone will get to […]

Check out this Stealth activities demo – Coming soon in Moodle #Moodledev

Stealth activities which were requested in Moodle tracker a long time back since 2006 are coming soon in Moodle and currently under peer review process. A prototype to test out the functionality of stealth activities is setup at Moodle Prototype site here. Stealth activities are those activities which are accessible to students, but not listed […]

Feedback Request: New Heatmap Activity Plugin For Moodle

heat map plugin moodle

Michael de Raadt put out a call on the Moodle.org forums today for feedback on a new plugin he is developing that provides a heatmap display over activities. Michael has said this plugin was inspired by the Moodle Activity Viewer. Here is the example screenshot he provided with the post as an example of what the […]

Review From The Live X Ray Analytics Event By Moodlerooms

This past week I had the opportunity to see the live launch of X-Ray Analytics down in Washington, DC, (the relatively new home of the Moodlerooms owner: Blackboard). Before the live event, I took the opportunity to review the brief demo of the service via webinar, but I was very intrigued to meet the creators […]